Home Health and Security Check

Gallatin Property Maintenance offers Home Health and Security Walk-throughs while you are away for the winter!

  •   Turn on water main and flush toilets once a month. — check for any leaks — place toilet lids down and then turn off water main.
  •   Check the basement to ensure no water leaks.
  •   Check all bathrooms for water – under sinks and around toilets.
  •   Once a month cycle the water softener.
  •   Change out the air filters in the furnace as needed.
  •   Make sure the heat pump/furnace fan is working—ensure outside unit is not
    covered with snow.
  •   Check thermostats to see if they are registering set temperature and ensure that
    they don’t need batteries.
  •   Check freezer for power and temperature.
  •   Check refrigerator/freezer for power and temperature.
  •   Check wine cellar / cooler for humidity / power, temperature.
  •   Check to see if shop heater is working.
  •   Check garage for mouse / rodent activity.
  •   Set alarm when leaving.
  •   Inspect all locked doors.
  •   Additional services available upon request.

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